A word from the owner

I established this company thanks to my admiration of technology and my desire to be as close to it as possible. With enthusiasm and hard work, we managed to create a stable and healthy company with a strong background.

The Krofian company culture rests on constant values like the pro-customer orientation, trust, team spirit, continuous education, craftsmanship and creating above-standard conditions for work.

As the connecting element for our team and a necessary prerequisite for working in our company, there is the sense of technology, which is the superstructure to other senses, allowing us to use them at maximum possible level. We believe that it is thanks to this sixth sense that we can see your options and change them into reality. At the same time, it is our permanent commitment to try to shift your ideas forward and always offer a little bit more.

It is therefore the mission of each member of our company to develop their abilities and talents, to listen to their intuition and present excellent solutions to the customers within the framework of their team with a high added value.

Jakub Krofián