Ethics code

At Krofian, we care about behaviour and human relationships, not only at the working sites, but also outwards from the company. We view this to be the basic obligation of each of us. All the company employees abide by these principles, thus creating the image of the company.

The company has therefore decided to publish these generally valid principles in writing to simplify their distribution and to allow for the implementation of these principles in all the segments of the company and all its branches.

Abiding by these principles is the essential requirement of Krofian, and at the same time also the proof of being a part of this company.

Code of behaviour

Krofian considers the following values to be the main principles bringing about humanity and a good name:

Customer-oriented conduct

Krofian is a customer company and so its customers and satisfying their needs always come first. We always approach the customers, both inside and outside, with honour, and we try to satisfy them to the maximum possible extent.


A professional represents a basic building stone of this company. It is a man who is the best in his field, behaves in accordance with the company culture, and acts in favour of the customers.

For us, professionalism also means a focus on the personal development of each individual, who therefore grows with the company, constantly keeping its high level. That requires personal involvement, a willingness to accept the assigned tasks, and the will to achieve the needed knowledge.

Team work

Working on a team is the basic principle of work at Krofian. Therefore we place stress on team behaviour and conduct including not only cooperation with colleagues, but also respect for the work of others. Only a strong team of people is capable of creating values and pushing the company forward.


Under all circumstances, it is the obligation of each employee to defend the good name of the firm and to act in accordance with the good reputation of this company. At the same time, this means the incompatibility of asserting any personal interests that would contradict the interests of the company. It is assumed that the internal guidelines and rules will be abided by.

Talent management

Krofian dedicates a lot of space for the training of new talents. We offer a chance to all the colleagues with a potential and willingness to achieve something. We plan their career growth and accompany them in their personal growth. At the same time, we train new colleagues on the basis of the training plans and regular revisions thereof within the framework of feedback.

Respect towards others

Each employee at Krofian is obliged to respect his/her colleague, regardless of his age, religion or nationality. At the same time, we require respect to the opinions of others, even if they may not be in conformity with the opinion of the given individual. It is important that everyone respects the personal and working space of each person and personal meetings and the work agenda is planned with respect to the time schedule of the individual. This also includes the timely meeting of mutual obligations, and in case of failing to meet the set term, a timely apology and proposal of a new term.

Social responsibility

We realize that not everybody has sufficient access to resources and has his basic needs satisfied. Krofian is aware of its obligation to help those members of society, who are not so lucky. Every year, a budget is released for charity, and it is distributed within the Czech Republic and into third-world countries during the year.


Krofian aims at determining the principles of conduct to arrange for the activity of all the employees at work. These principles of conduct help to secure a responsible and sustainable development via accountable paths of growth in accordance with the firm’s long-term strategy.

Compliance with the law

Krofian strictly abides by laws valid in the country of its business. Special attention is paid to the principle according to which the company refrains from financing any political party or political activity and refuses any form of active or passive corruption.

Background facilities

We are very particular about maintaining the order and cleanness at all the working sites of the company, as well as about the equipment on the premises. We are aware of the fact that within good conditions and with good equipment, we can manufacture high quality machines to satisfy the needs of the customers. At the same time, it is the responsibility of each and every one to keep their working site clean, not only at the end of the work shift, but also throughout.

Environmental care

We are very particular about maintaining the principles of environmental protection, not only by sorting waste, but also by adhering to the correct handling of dangerous waste, such as oils, emulsions, etc. The company has a permanent interest in improving the quality of the environment and it respects in its business the standards set for the area of waste, emissions, etc.

Relations with the suppliers

Our relations with the suppliers are based on mutual respect and correctness. We select our external suppliers very carefully. We never accept any promotional objects and gifts we receive, and if there are any, we always donate them to charities. We perceive this as an important signal against the possible corruption.

Relations with the competition

Krofian is vigorous but fair in the competitive struggle. We take pride in correct relations, and we never do harm to our competitors’ reputation. We are particular about our employees respecting the confidentiality of business or other confident information in dealing with the competition. The company does not attempt to gain information on the competitors’ business unfairly, and it does not use restrictive business practices or exploit its position on the market in any way.