If you cannot find answer to your question, please call us at +420 487 882 288 or send an e-mail to obchod@krofian.cz. The most frequently asked questions and answers are below:

Who are the customers/What fields does Krofian supply machines and equipment to?

Our customers are manufacturing companies that decided to make their technological processes more effective by means of applying automation. They are mostly from the area of automotive and electrotechnical industry, but nevertheless, our technologies also work in the food, processing or health industry. Our technology even penetrates to other areas, in which automation was impossible in the past. Krofian machines and production lines can be found not only in the Czech and the Slovak Republic, but in many European Union countries and countries outside the EU as well.

What machines does Krofian CZ spol. s r.o. offer?

Krofian CZ spol. s r.o. develops, manufactures and installs single-purpose and standardized assembly lines, manipulators and testing equipment. In case you cannot find the technology you are looking for on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us at obchod@krofian.cz. Our business manager will contact you and provide further information regarding our possibilities.

How long does it take to elaborate a particular offer?

The time for elaborating an offer depends on the complexity of technology and the completeness of the demand. In simple projects with clear setting, the offer is elaborated within 1 week. In more complex projects, when it is necessary to specify the technology, components, etc., the offer is elaborated within 2-3 weeks. The term for elaborating the offer is specified individually in extensive projects (technological units).

What are the usual delivery terms, what influences them the most?

In small projects, the delivery terms are within 10 weeks; medium-sized projects are delivered within 14 weeks, and extensive projects within 4-6 months. The particular delivery term depends on the current job orders, the availability of 3D models and samples from the customer, special delivery dates (non-standard), purchased components, the length of the testing operation prior to the expedition, and naturally on the overall complexity of the technology.

How is the project management provided for?

Each project is managed by a project manager, who is responsible for the realization of the project within the required term, quality and costs. The project manager is the main contact person for the customer. The project manager uses the Navision information system in his work to monitor and control all the important project milestones.

What SW do you use for construction and planning?

The design engineers work in the SolidWorks programme, the electro-designers in the EPLAN programme. For the production planning and management, we use the NAVISION ERP system by Microsoft.

What processes do you provide for internally and what processes are external (by means of sub-supplies)?

We use our own resources to provide for the mechanical construction, electro-designing, manufacturing the components, locksmithery, mechanical assembly, electro-assembly, including the manufacturing of switch boards and programming. Some thermal processing, surface modifications, partial machining (greater parts), electro-erosive machining and other special technologies are provided for in cooperation.

How is the manufacturing process quality inspection provided for?

All the technical and manufacturing processes are in accordance with the standards and correspond to the quality system certification according to ČSN ISO 9001:2009, or eventually to the standards required by the customer.

How is the guarantee and post-guarantee service provided for?

Krofian CZ spol. s r.o. guarantees service throughout the guarantee period and after, for the entire service life of the machine. Our standard reaction time to a service event is 24 hours. We offer our customers a 24/7 service HOT-LINE to report a breakdown. Upon agreement with the customer, we are able to provide for even a shorter reaction time (to be arranged in a service contract). Krofian CZ spol. s r. o. has service branch offices in Dobranov near Česká Lípa and in Brno.

How is the supply of spare parts provided for?

We have an extensive storage with the most frequently used components (tyres, sensors, engines). In case the required spare part is not in store, we provide for its delivery directly from the manufacturer. The manufactured spare parts are provided for by us.

What is included in a standard delivery?

The customer receives a machine with the shipping documents, which include: operating and maintenance instructions, a list of spare parts and expendable parts, drawings of the assemblies, electrical/air/hydraulic schemes, OSHA, risk analysis, CE declaration of conformity, initial electrical revision, back-up software, as well as other documents, based on the customer’s requirements.

Naše zařízení používají:

  • Technologické operace: montáž, sváření, lisování, nýtování, šroubování, lepení atd.
  • Manipulaci a dopravu: třídění a orientovanou dopravu, kitování a setování komponent, robotizaci
  • Měření a kontrolu

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