Company philosophy

The sense of technology is our integral sixth sense. It is the sense of the essence of things and the soul of the machine, the effort to achieve a perfectly tuned technology, the desire for absolute perfection. It allows us to listen to the intuition, to discover the untested, and to always offer more than is required from us.

There are no limits with this sixth sense.


The mission of Krofian is to build long-term and mutually advantageous relations with the customers. We provide services and products on a world-wide level, which allows us to continuously increase the value of the company. We are responsible towards the customers, employees, suppliers, society and environment … and we always yield a little bit more…

Vision 2018

We are a stable company guaranteeing responsible growth in the area of design and realization of automated technologies. Thanks to our sixth sense, we are always able to offer a little bit more. The company Krofian® is focusing its efforts on complying with Vision 2018 by increasing its market share, diversifying its portfolio and expanding its activities abroad.