Production Lines

Our production lines make the customer’s manufacturing processes faster and more efficient. The production and assembly lines are capable of replacing partly or even fully the manual manufacturing operations. Production lines can be the compact machines equipped with various technologies or the combinations of larger number of assembly machines or devices to form a whole connected with the control system.

Our production lines can be designed as modular systems which can be extended with other technologies or automation elements as required.

Production lines can be designed as linear transport systems with numerous procedural methods for processing of the components as, for example, stepping conveyors, belt conveyors.

A further possible design of the production line is an assembly of several completion devices connected to form a production line. These machines and devices can form the manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic machines.

The proposed concept is always tailored to fit the specifications and particular customer needs. Production lines take into account the spatial capabilities, required performance, parts supplying method, intra-operation transport, requirements for readjustability (universality). Based on our experience we put big emphasis on sufficient testing and commissioning of the line before its installation in the customer’s premises.

Technological operations of the assembly lines (list of the most frequent specimens):

• pressing
• riveting
• automatic screwing
• application of greases and adhesives
• US welding
• hot riveting
• robotic handling
• bonding
• marking
• testing
• handling

The absolute prerequisite for the correct function of the lines is reliable identification of individual components and assemblies entering either the manufacturing or assembly process.
Thus, we equip our machines with the state-of-the-art systems which eliminate troubles in references of the input items or their incorrect assembly(Poka-Yoke).

In the assembly process, subassemblies are checked several times for size and presence of all the required elements, and the further installed monitoring elements as, for instance, the camera systems, completely eliminate any accidental confusion of the incompatible subassemblies.

Last but not least, the fully automatic assembly line would not get along without the reliable automatic feeding and sorting devices.
In this field we cooperate with the renown manufacturers of the feeding technology. In the area of special applications we are capable of implementing our own feeding/sorting apparatus.