Krofian is certified partner of Unicef

The fully Czech company KROFIAN CZ, spol. s r.o., one of the top companies in the Czech Republic in the field of industrial automation, knows how to distribute a part of its profit for good cause. On 28 February, Unicef directress for the Czech Republic, Mrs. Gomba, awarded us a certificate for Unicef Partner for the third time already. This certificate is awarded to long-term contributors. Krofian is among the ten most significant ones.

Ever since it was established, Krofian has contributed to different charity projects throughout the world. Last year, the overall budget amounted to CZK 422,772, and for this year, the company has released the sum of CZK 450,000.

The funds are distributed among domestic and foreign beneficiaries. Among other projects, our company supports Long-distance Adoption, within the framework of which it currently sponsors 7 children from the third world. We also focus on helping the local community, specifically in the form of gifts for Parish Charity or specific help to individual people (MOTOmed device for Tobiášek and Jiřík Ullman, special tablet and reserved parking space in front of the house for Hynek Bartoš, special carriages for children suffering from palsy, etc.).

Krofian has supported the Unicef project for 5 years already. So far, it has contributed the overall amount of CZK 508,092 for purchasing the so-called gifts for life (tents, medicines, etc.). The employees alone are the ones to decide on the distribution of funds. A new group is appointed every year. Within this group, the employees may decide themselves where and how much they would like to send. If possible, the company purchases the necessary facilities itself and presents it to the beneficiary in person.

Contact for Media

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