Krofian opens its doors to schools

During the month of April, Krofian organized open days for students of secondary school of civil engineering. The tour lasted 1.5 hours, during which the students visited all company departments and their scope of work, they went through the assembly and could see job orders in different stages of manufacture, as well as steps leading to their completion. In this way, Krofian tries to get young people interested in technical fields, showing them the future and versatility of this industrial field.

Most students have already heard about Krofian, especially thanks to active cooperation between the company and the school. Most students want to stay in the field of study and join in the work process or develop their skills further by means of further education. Approximately 44 % of the visitors can imagine working directly at Krofian. The students were mostly interested in the job positions of design engineers, especially 3D modelling, but also in the clean environment of the premises, especially in the actual manufacture. Thanks to the cooperation with the secondary school of civil engineering and the developing cooperation with the Technical University in Liberec, the company managed to train and then employ 5 to 10 young technicians.

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