Machines manufactured by KROFIAN CZ are successful overseas

A team of mechanics and project heads spent the end of January and February by assembling two large lines on the American continent. The first technology to complete automobile parts was installed in Detroit, the second automatic line was then sent to Mexico.

The company is successful on the foreign markets thanks to positive references and long-term relationships with domestic and foreign companies with branches all over the world. Experience, both in sales and in realizations, also played an important role in this.

Despite the very short manufacturing deadline, which was 16 weeks, the company managed to finish the machine in time. Despite the fact that the usual realization time for this type of job orders usually amounts to 27 to 35 weeks.

For the Mexican company, Krofian developed a line for completing LED technologies for cars. This new trend in the automotive industry was formerly an issue for luxury cars, but thanks to these technologies, it spreads into more standard models as well.

Communication with customers took place via different communication channels. Representatives from different companies from all over the world joined in the negotiations. The approval of the 3D study took place with participation of representatives from 3 continents and 5 countries.

Thanks to the perfect system of K-modules, which Krofian developed itself, the facilities are easy to disassemble and prepare for transport via a truck. Technology therefore travels via air planes, usually, and the machine can be delivered to the destination within 10 days.

Despite differences in installations in the Czech Republic and overseas (using metric or inch threads, etc.), we managed to deliver the technologies 100% flawless. The Krofian team spent 3 weeks on site; it was 14 days in Mexico.

We must add that this was not the first overseas assembly for Krofian. A fully automated line was installed in Mexico last year.

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