17. 12. 2019

Czech Top 100 Stability Award

The CZECH TOP 100 Association has been monitoring Czech companies since 1994, compiling and declaring charts of 100 most significant Czech companies, 100 admired Czech companies, Best annual reports, Best company magazines..., based on objective criteria and in cooperation with prominent professionals. These charts, observed by the...

17. 12. 2019

Top Rating

Dun & Bradstreet Company (D&B) was established in 1841, and since then it has been analysing company information used for reliable decision-making among the customers. It has analysed information about more than 265 million companies from 240 world countries, and gathered information from 30,000 official sources. Every day,...

17. 12. 2019

Unicef Partner

Each year, the Unicef humanitarian organization awards a Certificate to long-term contributors and partners. Krofian has been included in ten most significant partners. Over the past five years of cooperation, the company contributed a total sum of CZK 508,092 for Gifts for life.

14. 06. 2019

Award for Czech Leaders - Leader for Liberec Region

The company is nominated in the project based on an analysis of publicly available data of all the companies in the Czech Republic, processed by a professional guarantor, being the specialist in company rating and scoring, CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau, a.s. The company owner is a Czech citizen (100% Czech capital), and it is a company...