(MTE) Modular technological equipment

Modular technological equipment stems from the complete model equipment lines specialized for particular applications, which we can adjust to suit the customer needs by means of minor constructional changes, and it offers a well-tested concept and know-how.


K-Module is more than just a new design of the technological equipment. K-Module is a new dimension in the construction of automated equipment, which brings about a number of undisputable advantages to the customers, from increasing the safety of the attending personnel, reducing noise emissions, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, to the design of the machine, all the way to the reduction of the installation time and launching the equipment into operation. The equipment will attract your customers thanks to its design, functionality and reliability.


The basic building stones of this equipment are represented by the standardized modules tested in previous applications. Our module database includes an extensive assortment of applications, which allows us to quickly and effectively design the equipment, to reduce the manufacturing costs, to ensure its compactness, manufacturing process stability, realization speed, demonstrated quality and reliability. We have been developing this type of equipment for a long time and with each new realization, we upgrade it using the most advanced components and findings.


  • Complete line of equipment
  • Concept and design using modules
  • Suitable for similar products
  • Module database allows for reducing the delivery time and the costs
  • Concept tested by previous applications
  • Modifications or upgrades of existing applications

Examples of applications

Our equipment uses:

  • Technological operations: assembly, welding, pressing, riveting, screwing, gluing, etc.
  • Manipulation and transport: sorting and oriented transport, component kitting and setting, robotization
  • Measurement and inspection

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(MTE) Modulární technologická zařízení