(TCS) Technological consulting services

Based on your requirements, the TCS Team will carry out an independent analysis of the technological manufacturing processes, suggest and offer a real solution, including the material flow, equipment concept, manufacturing site layout, etc. We provide for the elaboration of technical and manufacturing documents, including the training for the attending staff. The suggested solutions apply our know-how, experience and specialized software tools. Our solutions correspond to the specific requirements and industrial standards.


  • Automated solutions of manufacturing applications
  • Analysis of material flows
  • Virtual factories
  • Equipment concept design
  • Processing the technological and constructional documents

Our equipment uses:

  • Technological operations: assembly, welding, pressing, riveting, screwing, gluing, etc.
  • Manipulation and transport: sorting and oriented transport, component kitting and setting, robotization
  • Measurement and inspection

If you want to learn more about these projects or if you search for the solution of your automation problem, please contact us at or +420 487 882 288.

Your Krofian Team